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Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1433 Phoenix, Arizona

We are happy to announce that the members at ATC-RPTA voted 80% yes to accept the contract between RPTA and ATU 1433.

The Union leadership and current members would like to welcome aboard over 100 new members from this property and we look forward to seeing them at our meetings.

Recognition of ATU to represent operators

On April 20, 2001 Mr. Terry Van Der Aa, Chairman of ATC/VanCom-Public Transit Division signed a recognition letter allowing ATU Local 1433 to be recognized as the collective bargaining unit for the operators employed by ATC-RPTA division.
This was a major step forward for these operators and we are very happy to have them aboard and look forward to a constructive contract negotiation, bringing them better wage and benefits in the future.


Negotiations are set to start on June 20, 2001.
This will be an all day meeting for the managment and the Union to get together and begin negotiations on the contract for the operators at ATC-RPTA division.

ATU Local 1433 * P.O. Box 4363 * Phoenix * AZ * 85030-4363